Енкодер OMRON E6F-AG5B 1024 2M

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Енкодер Omron E6F-AG5B 1024 2M (Датчик переміщення E6FAG5B10242M)

Енкодер, абсолютний, 1024 імп./об., 10-бит, 12-24 В=, PNP, код Грея, кабель 2м

Rugged Rotary Encoder 

• Absolute model. • External diameter of 60 mm. • Resolution of up to 1,024 (10-bit). • IP65 oil-proof protection. • Strong shaft. Radial: 120 N, Thrust: 50 N

Be sure to read Safety Precautions on page 5.

Ordering Information Encoders [Refer to Dimensions on page 6.]

*1. The E6F-AG5C-C is designed for connection to Cam Positioners (H8PS). *2. Models are also available with 5-m and 10-m cables. Accessories (Order Separately) [Dimensions: Refer to Accessories for coupling dimensions and to page 6 for the dimensions of other accessories.]

Refer to Accessories for details.

Power supply voltage

Output configuration

Output code

Resolution (divisions) Connection method Model

5 to 12 VDC

NPN open collector

BCD 360

Pre-wired Model E6F-AB3C 360P/R 2M *2 Pre-wired Connector Model (2 m) E6F-AB3C-C 360P/R 2M *2

12 to 24 VDC

Pre-wired Model E6F-AB5C 360P/R 2M Pre-wired Connector Model (2 m) E6F-AB5C-C 360P/R 2M PNP open collector Pre-wired Model E6F-AB5B 360P/R 2M

NPN open collector

Gray code

256, 360, 720 Pre-wired Connector Model (2 m)

E6F-AG5C-C (resolution) 2M *1 Example: E6F-AG5C-C 256P/R 2M

256, 360, 720, 1,024 Pre-wired Model

E6F-AG5C (resolution) 2M Example: E6F-AG5C 256P/R 2M

PNP open collector

E6F-AG5B (resolution) 2M Example: E6F-AG5B 256P/R 2M

Name Model Remarks


E69-C10B Provided with E6F Pre-wired Models. E69-C610B Different end diameter E69-C10M Metal construction Servo Mounting Bracket E69-2 Provided with the product. (Three brackets in a set.)

Extension Cable

E69-DF5 5 m Models are also available with 15-m and 98-m cables.



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